Home Tech With the innovation of technology more and more industries are moving towards the road of automation

With the innovation of technology more and more industries are moving towards the road of automation

With the innovation of technology more and more industries are moving towards the road of automation, technology and intelligence. As far as the surveillance camera industry is well known to the editor of Suming.com, in response to the emergence of new concepts such as smart home, smart home, and smart home, home surveillance cameras have begun to come in handy for users. The biggest feature of intelligence is that it can not only see, but also hear, all of which need to be parsed and programmed through the camera.

A good home surveillance camera can provide users with the following uses:

1. Home care. For outdoor monitoring and arming, it is mainly the result of providing security protection. Especially for long-term strangers passing by, and there are many abnormalities, you can know in advance. This is the function of the surveillance camera motion detection and alarm. It transmits the alarm information to your mobile phone APP, and takes pictures and screenshots for clear records. Not only that, when we find that there are criminals who want to invade the family, we can use the two-way intercom function to directly intimidate and scare the other party away.

2. Baby care. Many people may know about the baby care device, which is a surveillance camera device with a screen. However, ordinary small home monitors can act as baby caregivers, and the receiving end is converted from a screen to a mobile phone. As long as you download the APP software on your mobile phone, you can continue to monitor it 24 hours a day, whether you are going out or going to work, you can always know the baby’s baby status.

3, learning monitoring. For families with students, home surveillance cameras can act as a guardian to supervise children’s learning. Nowadays, smartphones are popular among the people, and almost everyone has a mobile phone, and it has become the norm for children to play with mobile phones. In this case, for the working class, because they have to work abroad for a long time, they cannot take care of their family members for a while. Therefore, if a home monitor is installed at home, then the child’s learning dynamics can be grasped at the first time.

4. Anti-theft and anti-theft. The biggest use of home monitors is to prevent theft from happening. If your home has been visited by thieves several times, and road monitoring can’t find evidence of it, then there must be a lot of damage. Community and road monitoring are not omnipotent, and many thefts have no relevant clues, especially in relatively remote communities.

Finally, the development and changes of more and more high-tech smart home surveillance cameras are designed around the needs of the family, especially in today’s economic downturn, many people will take risks due to the pressure of life. At least in the news coverage, there are these notable cases every day.

The income level of modern people is getting higher and higher, and the work pressure is also increasing. Although everyone realizes that family is more important than work, it is still impossible to spend more time with family members. Fortunately, in the era of intelligent interconnection, network cameras have given them a “third eye”. Whether it is monitoring home security or remotely monitoring the elderly and children, the need for smart cameras has become more and more urgent.

However, in terms of actual sales and usage, smart cameras have not produced a blowout development. Because most cameras are developed for primary monitoring purposes, with simple design and complex use, although the price is attractive, they are more positioned as “toys”, which discourage many users with real monitoring needs. Recently, the NETGEAR Arlo high-definition smart dual-camera set monitoring system priced at 2999 yuan has aroused the enthusiasm of high-end users. What is the black technology that makes it have a high price and sell well?

Which needs are ignored by network surveillance camera manufacturers?

Most of the network surveillance cameras are developed for the most basic monitoring needs – as long as it can take a picture of the aimed scene and transmit it to the remote mobile phone, the task is announced, and other practical needs are basically ignored. To give a simple example, a friend of mine specially bought a webcam and placed it at home in order to monitor the 1.5-year-old child at home. When I am at work, my eyes can glance at the monitoring screen on my mobile phone from time to time.

But the problems encountered later were also very big – the camera with the cable tail can only be placed close to the power supply, and the placement is limited. Also ripped off. Moreover, children often run around the house and can easily disappear from the surveillance screen. If you buy a few more of these cameras and try to cover the whole house, you will encounter new problems – there may not be power where you can monitor without dead ends.

In addition, his home is located on the first floor, and the outdoor courtyard has been turned into a small garden. If the child runs here to play, the webcam will not do anything. In this way, after a few days of lively, the webcam began to eat ashes.

From the above example, we can see that there are several important requirements that are basically ignored.

One is to get rid of the shackles of cables. The vast majority of network surveillance cameras on the market come with a power cord that connects to a power adapter. This imposes great limitations on where the camera can be installed.

The second is beautiful, dragging a long tail is not only unsafe, but also particularly ugly. Unless the house is designed with wiring prior to the renovation, there is no solution to this problem.

The third is outdoor monitoring. Although the majority of users live in residential buildings, there are many people living in the first floor with outdoor green space/garden, and even in single-family houses with courtyards, but there are few home cameras that can adapt to outdoor use. Very few, most of the outdoors can only rely on sophisticated professional security cameras.

There is also security. It is no longer news that the FBI can hack webcams at any time. For home webcams, if the security barrier built by the manufacturer is not high enough, it is easier to be hacked, which will pose a greater threat to privacy.

Which “black technologies” can make surveillance cameras ten times more expensive?

Why do so many network surveillance cameras choose to ignore these obvious user needs? The answer, of course, is the technical threshold. Wireless, all-weather three-proof work, high-security cloud services… To completely solve these three problems, we must have a deep “black technology” as the backing. If there is a lack of technical support, the result is that although the product is cheap, it can only achieve some basic functions, but it deviates from the actual needs of users, and it is not easy to use at all, let alone a premium.

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