Home News Bryan Kohberger Claims Alibi of Nighttime Drive to Observe Nature on Night of Idaho Murders

Bryan Kohberger Claims Alibi of Nighttime Drive to Observe Nature on Night of Idaho Murders

Bryan Kohberger, the individual accused of a horrific crime involving the fatal stabbings of four University of Idaho students, has presented an alibi through his defense team.

Kohberger, 29, insists that during the night of November 13, 2022, he was merely driving around, a hobby he frequently engaged in to clear his head and partake in nature’s beauty. “Mr. Kohberger was out driving in the early morning hours of November 13, 2022; he often drove to hike, run, or to observe the moon and stars,” stated his attorneys in legal filings. He reportedly traversed areas south of Pullman, Washington, and west of Moscow, Idaho, including near Wawawai Park.

Currently facing charges of murder and burglary, Kohberger, a former criminology Ph.D. student at Washington State University, is accused of using a KA-BAR knife in the killings of Xana Kernodle, Ethan Chapin, Kaylee Goncalves, and Madison Mogen.

His arrest came in late December 2022, and while he has provided an alibi, the proof supporting this claim remains uncertain.

David Gelman, a criminal defense attorney and former deputy district attorney, expressed skepticism to Fox News Digital about the strength of the alibi. “He claims to enjoy these outdoor activities, so are there pictures on social media, his phone, or somewhere that show this? Did police find any outdoor gear in his apartment? These could potentially discredit his alibi,” Gelman stated.

Supporting Kohberger’s claim of nocturnal drives, his legal team noted that his phone data shows his presence in rural areas during late-night hours on various occasions. “This is supported by data from Mr. Kohberger’s phone, showing him in the countryside late at night and/or in the early morning on several occasions,” detailed the court documents, mentioning photos of the night sky taken in November.

His defense is set to introduce an expert to verify that Kohberger’s cell phone was indeed located south of Pullman, Washington, and west of Moscow, Idaho, on the night in question.

Despite these defenses, Gelman highlighted a crucial piece of evidence against Kohberger: his DNA found at the crime scene. “The defense is doing a great job of muddying the waters because they are trying to show reasonable doubt which is all a juror needs to vote not guilty, but DNA doesn’t lie,” he remarked.

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