Home Cooperation Cheryl Burke Opens Up About Romantic Entanglements with ‘DWTS’ Partners

Cheryl Burke Opens Up About Romantic Entanglements with ‘DWTS’ Partners

Former “Dancing with the Stars” professional Cheryl Burke shared insights into her romantic history with three celebrity partners during her tenure on the popular TV show.

Speaking on “The Amy & T.J. Podcast” this Tuesday, the 39-year-old dancer delved into her experience over 26 seasons on ABC’s dance competition. While discussing her own podcast “Sex, Lies & Spray Tans,” Burke responded to co-hosts Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes about the intimate aspects of the show, confirming the presence of “a lot of dry humping” particularly in dances like the rumba, highlighting the physical closeness inherent in ballroom dancing.

“Dancing is an intimate contact sport. It happens! And yes, I’ve had my showmances,” Burke admitted, though she chose not to reveal names.

Cheryl Burke Discusses How ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Impacted Her Life

During her conversation with Robach and Holmes, Burke noted that “Dancing with the Stars” does not prohibit romantic relationships between dancers and celebrities, often leading to widespread speculation and media coverage of possible pairings. “There was a time when rumors had me linked romantically with practically every partner, even Wayne Newton,” she joked.

When pressed for specifics, Burke revealed she experienced three showmances during her time on the show. She highlighted the challenges of such relationships, given the show’s intense schedule, “It’s seven days a week; you’re fully immersed in each other’s company.”

Despite the difficulties, Burke recognized that some relationships formed on the show had lasting outcomes, including marriages. “There are a lot of great relationships that started on ‘DWTS’,” she reflected.

Burke also spoke on the vulnerability and trust required in dance partnerships, especially when teaching celebrities not accustomed to the dance floor. “To succeed on ‘Dancing With the Stars’, you have to embrace feeling and looking foolish at times,” she added.

The need for quick trust formation in such an intense environment, as Burke humorously warned, makes the partnership challenging if trust isn’t established early. “If you don’t trust quickly, your experience is going to be tough with me,” she said with a laugh, underscoring the unique dynamics of dance partnerships on the show.

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